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What's this

PTF ZERO is a headset produced by 3D printing technology.

We designed it to be usable with a lavalier microphone from any well known manufacturer (DPA, SENNHEISER, SHURE, etc...)


PTF ZERO opens up new opportunities for those working in sound technology, whether they use it for conferences, concerts or theatrical purpose.


The lavalier microphone is quick and simple to insert, so it can be easily  replaced in an event of a breakdown.

Apart from it’s practical benefits, the PTF ZERO’s economic advantage is that now lavalier microphones can not only be used in the traditional way, but also as headsets.

PTF ZERO is made from TPU and stainless steel wire, which makes it light, but sturdy, ecomomical and easy to repair.

PTF ZERO V2_edited.jpg

Thanks to the design manufacturing technology, the PTF ZERO can be easily adapted to meet the needs of any individual order or production.

This can also mean appearance and comfort considerations.

There are currently five different colors and shades to choose from, but unique ideas are also possible.

Thicker, thinner, softer and harder versions are also available.


During the design we can take the needs of the costume designers into account, which creates completely new opportunities for theatrical productions and concerts

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