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PTF ZERO V2.27.png

Bence Póczak

Inventor & Developer

"In addition to sound technology, I also deal with 3D design. it was an inspiring challenge to design PTF Zero because I can try all the improvements right away in my work."

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PTF ZERO V2.29.png

Áron Farsang

Inventor & CEO

"I have been working as a sound engineer in theaters and concerts for over twenty years. In the course of my work, I have often encountered similar challenges in different places. One such challenge inspired the creation of PTF Zero."

PTF ZERO V2.12.png

Zoltán Tóth

Inventor & Marketing

"I have been working as a sound engineer in a theater for over thirty years. I am the head of the sound department of the Madách Theater, which is one of the best-known musical theaters in Hungary.

Over the years, I’ve learned that placing the microphone properly is the key to good sound. I have always looked for some flexible solution that is both efficient and cost-effective."

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